Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer's almost over

I've been pretty introspective lately. I left Facebook (again) and am really trying to limit my time online.  Seems I am constantly on here looking for answers to all the questions that exist in my mind.  Then I see ads that are tailored just for me.  Creeps me out.

Anyhoo, so far, getting offline is helping me clear my mind a bit.  The kids need quite a bit of attention and I need to give it to them.  Abs is starting preschool in a couple weeks!  This will be her 2nd year.  She loves it and I love how happy it makes her.  She is so sweet.  I can't believe she is almost 4.  Chü is 16 months and is super cute and hilarious.  He stomps around like a 800 lb gorilla and points at stuff and says "Yee-yee-ghee-ghee."  Every night before bed, the 4 of us get in bed & the kids jump around and dive-bomb Ivan & me.  It's the best party in the world.

My worm composter got fruit flies. They are fantastically gnarly and I finally had to put the thing outside.  The worms are fine though.  My friend Lydia is going to give me some nematodes to viciously murder the fruit fly larvae.  I am so excited.

My kitchen is my main source of anxiety so I am trying to streamline it a bit.  Feeding a family of 4 is not my strong suit.  I am failing miserably and am lucky to get them fed at all, let alone nutritiously.  These people are the pickiest eaters in the universe.  My tiny little kitchen is uninspiring and inadequate.  My next kitchen will be fit for a queen/chef.

Here are some recent photos of my family:


Love, Cat

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