Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Universe Timing

I was texting with a dear friend last night, for whom I had ordered flowers to be sent more than a week earlier, but due to circumstances beyond my control, she didn't receive them until yesterday.  I was upset about the whole thing, because there was plenty of miscommunication with the flower shop owner and the credit card company, and I was irritated.  We finally cleared it up, and the flowers were finally delivered yesterday.

Turns out the timing was perfect. She was having a rough day and the flowers (which had been intended for a different rough day) cheered her up.  It was good.

It made me realize how the universe has its own agenda and all the fighting in the world to make things go on my schedule is not going to do me much good.  Basically I need to chill.

Time has its own mind
mind the time.
All will be
as it should.
It will happen
when it's time.