Friday, October 21, 2011


I know, as a Sagittarius, that just when someone gets used to us, we change, and it kind of messes with their expectations of how we will react to something. We are unpredictable. Ivan & I were born on the same day so imagine how confusing we are to each other.

I guess what I mean is that sometimes I can take a joke, but sometimes I can't. Sometimes I'm serious as a freaking heart-attack, but someone might be used to me being happy-go-lucky with a fabulous sense of humor, so they approach me with something they think I will enjoy, but instead I am appalled.  The night of my wedding, which was actually Ivan's & my birthday too, I looked across the room & locked eyes with Junebug, my old bass player from the Catbirds- he & Catfish were my ceremony musicians. I flashed him a big smile.  He later mentioned that until that moment, he didn't know which Cathy he was going to get. It all made sense to me at that point. Since then I have remembered numerous situations in which I must have confused the hell out of my friends by my reactions to something they said or did.  Sorry guys.  Love you.

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