Thursday, March 20, 2008

Catwix & The Catbirds are performing at the Columbus Arts Festival on Saturday, June 7, on the Club stage from 6:15-7:45 This is a correction from my previous post- I had thought it was Friday but I was totally wrong. One good thing, though, is that if you don't see this post and you go Friday anyway, you'll catch Miss Molly, an awesome local band who's been playing around town a lot lately.

They have moved the Arts Fest location- it's over by the CCAD & Art Museum.
Makes sense.
See Map

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I received a bill to continue to have my regular website hosted where I'd been hosting it for years, and I didn't want to pay it anymore, so I thought I'd park my site here for a while & see how it goes. A couple of my musician friends have Blogger-type websites & they look good to me so I was inspired to follow suit. Blogger's free and easy. All the photos of me in my last website were old and sooo 20 lbs ago, and I am no longer trying so hard to become a rock star, so starting fresh was a sensible option. I will throw some more current pics up here as time permits.

I am a wife & mom now, and music has taken a back seat to that, naturally. I haven't finished writing a song in 8 years!! (not for lack of trying- I have serious A.D.D. and whenever I start one, I get distracted and move on to something else). I still have it on my agenda to record another cd, but it's on the back burner of my industrial-sized life stove. For now I am content with my domestic role.

SO anyhoo, thanks for checking in. I have a myspace page where I do a lot of correspondence so please visit me there!

Love, Cathy