Thursday, July 02, 2009

Random post-Comfest thoughts by Catwix

Comfest is done and over. It's time for the July 4th festivities. Summer is well on its way. It's been really cool the past few days and I appreciate that. We had a garage sale on Saturday & then I played with popCasey & Mary Adam 12 at Comfest and had a blast. But we were spent, so we went home right after the set. We went back on Sunday evening and had a nice, relaxing time as a little Comfest family.

Becoming a mom has changed me in so many ways. One thing that is changing is my sense of every-day style. My daughter is such a girlie girl, which I have never been, and she has brought the girlie girl out in me. I love it. I converted a thrift-store frumpy hippie dress to a cool little sundress for my Comfest set & it felt good to be girlie. I want to wear more girly clothes, especially because I never know when Ivan's going to grab the camera to take pictures of Abigail. I don't want to have to hide.

I don't have any shows scheduled right now, but I am enthusiastic about my involvement with these bands and look forward to future gigs. I love singing backup and being a sidewoman. It really takes a load off from the pressures of being the frontwoman. No matter what, people tend to look at the frontwoman with a critical eye. We've all done it. Over the years, however, I have definitely been fed my share of humility, and I have developed a deep respect for my lady peers. It takes guts to get up there & rock out, fully knowing that you're being watched & criticized. Over the years I have become a bit timid as a result of that knowing (paranoia?), but I am more & more inspired by these woman every day; their guts, style, smarts, beauty, and spunk give me hope. The guys are not chopped liver, either.