Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Ginger Lees CD Release Party

The Ginger Lees are celebrating their CD release party Wednesday, July 13 at Cafe Bella.  My band, The Sweet Nothings is the opening act at 7pm. Here is the Facebook invitation.  
$20 reserved ticket ($25 day of show) gets you: 
dinner of three courses 
complimentary beverages & debut CD

7:00 the Sweet Nothings
7:45 the Ginger Lees
8:15 No. 1 Cat
9:00 the Ginger Lees 

tix avail at Cafe Bella 
Cafe Bella is an evolving concept, restaurant and catalyst for neighborhood and community development. Untraditional in style and service, there are no set menus as food is purchased that day and dishes are created to showcase the bounty's quality and freshness. Our menu usually consists of a vegetarian dish and a chicken or fish offerring; salads, subs and pastas are also served.

Each day is a new chance to get it right

Parenting is hard, especially if you have control issues.  I yell a lot.  Then I beat myself up about it. It's a vicious cycle.  But I have decided to forgive myself and try to reset every day. I am going to try to embrace this concept in all aspects of my life, because I finally understand the beauty of it.