Saturday, January 28, 2012


I've entered the 2nd trimester and am starting to feel a little better.  I spent some time swapping clothes out & populating my drawers with maternity clothes.  I acquired a whole bunch of hand-me-down maternity clothes from lovely friends so I will be dressing well this time around.

My next hurdle is to get the kids out of my bed and into their own room.  This may be the hardest thing I will ever have to do to date.  Attachment parenting really does create attached children.  Heavens to Murgatroyd.  Lately these kids have had me so exhausted by the end of the day, that I end up just going to bed with them.  Chü flops around the bed for about 20 minutes, gets down & leaves the room, runs around the house looking for his dad, comes back into the bedroom and finally gets on the bed & submits to sleep.  Meanwhile, Abigail requires me to hold her hand while she drifts sweetly off to sleep.  I occasionally find it irritating because I often have to contort myself to provide her with a hand, but I have to remind myself that some day, she will no longer want to hold my hand. *enter pregnancy hormonal deep sigh & lip quiver*

We purchased a twin-over-full bunk through It arrived on Wednesday and we are planning to assemble it tomorrow, though the mattress isn't scheduled to arrive until Tuesday (gotta love drop-shipping).  Then we will begin the arduous task of transferring the kids to their own room at night. I don't have the heart to force them into any sleeping situation if they are lonely or scared.  We will start them both in the bottom bunk and hope that they eventually feel secure in that arrangement. 

Speaking of sleep, Abigail's latest favorite movie is Disney's Sleeping Beauty.  We've been watching that daily, sometimes twice a day.  (This pregnancy has caused me to abandon many ideals, one of which was to limit TV time.  Sometimes, TV is all you've got).  

It's now 9:05pm and it's way past our bedtime.  So goodnight.

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