Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Music, Worms, and Trees

Hello Friends

I've been busy.  Between playing new music with some fabulous musicians and scrambling to get my veggie garden together after tons of rain and working on a map to tie together a show of art, I'm a busy mother!  I'm really excited, though, to be tapping back into my artistic side.  It feels really good.

My new band is comprised of No. 1 Cat's Nikki Wonder & Scott Gorsuch, and Honk, Wail & Moan's Steve Perakis & Geoff Sullivan... we are The Sweet Nothings.  I love the name, but apparently so do like 10 other bands in the world, but that's cool, we can hold it down here in  Cbus.  We've been writing songs! Dude, I haven't written a song in over a decade! So it feels good to dust out some cobwebs.

I am making a map for a really cool art show called "All the Pretty Trees" at It Looks Like It's Open Gallery on June 17.  I'm plotting the locations of all the art pieces and creating an art piece from that map.

I got 1000 red worms yesterday from One20 Farm in Columbus for my worm composter and we put them in their new home today.  Now the trick is to make sure we keep the lights on so they stay in their new home... apparently when introduced to a new home, they often try to run away.

Baby Chü is walking all over the place, grabbing everything, Abigail is 3.5 and has developed quite a strong personality. Lawd, gimme strength.  I am fragmented!!

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