Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I received a bill to continue to have my regular website hosted where I'd been hosting it for years, and I didn't want to pay it anymore, so I thought I'd park my site here for a while & see how it goes. A couple of my musician friends have Blogger-type websites & they look good to me so I was inspired to follow suit. Blogger's free and easy. All the photos of me in my last website were old and sooo 20 lbs ago, and I am no longer trying so hard to become a rock star, so starting fresh was a sensible option. I will throw some more current pics up here as time permits.

I am a wife & mom now, and music has taken a back seat to that, naturally. I haven't finished writing a song in 8 years!! (not for lack of trying- I have serious A.D.D. and whenever I start one, I get distracted and move on to something else). I still have it on my agenda to record another cd, but it's on the back burner of my industrial-sized life stove. For now I am content with my domestic role.

SO anyhoo, thanks for checking in. I have a myspace page where I do a lot of correspondence so please visit me there!

Love, Cathy

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